Prologue Films

DESTINY really does deserve its own page. Prologue Films was contracted to create a movie-quality cinematic for Bungie's ambitious new vision: a futuristic society battling a series of truly unique alien species.

Not only was it exciting to be on a project with so much hype, but Prologue had never taken on a project like this before. That meant I was able to create the pipeline and build the rig system from the ground up. It was a very education and exciting experience. Plus I got the bonus of rigging high-detail aliens, humanoids, ships, weapons, the whole gamut!

First Contact

Prologue endeavored and succeeded in producing a movie-quality cinematic for DESTINY's release. This was achieved through intense attention to detail. Every element needed to be rigged: from the astronauts' buckles to the squash of their boot tread, a second MOCAP rig was built to drive the primary rig, and GUI and animation transfer tools were scripted specific to the needs of this project.

For a more complete breakdown on the creation process, you can checkout:


The Dark Below - House of Wolves - The Taken King

The reception of DESTINY was intense; Bungie had succeeded in creating the next big game. Prologue provided the cinematic for three subsequent expansions and the end-game finale.

Face Rigs

Mara Sov - Uldren Sov - Eris Morn

In order to create life-like quality cinematics, the facial rig system needed to portray human emotion with minimal animation. This wasn't a cartoon with exaggerated expressions. In the House of Wolves, Mara Sov's expression dissolve from pensive to vehement with very little animation but a great deal of rigging brilliance.

Creature Rigs

Oryx – Crota - Fallen Captain - Fallen Dreg - Hive Thrall - Hive Knight

Because of the artistic focus, few creatures demonstrated the full potential of their rig system. Once again, minimalist animation was used to portray mood rather than show off. Oryx was the one exception. The end-game cinematic showed the complexity of the body rig, as well as the dynamic effects of cloth and wings.


Vex Goblin - Vex Minotaur - Vex Harpy

Part of a very unfortunate leak, I thought this cinematic had been shelved. But fortunately it got polished off and released during DESTINY 2.